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Interactive Reading Experience

Eye-Pleasing Digital Publications!

E-Mag gives boring pdfs an appealing look that represents professionalism and ensure comfortable reading. Our prime priority is to make your publications look picture-perfect on devices of all sorts and to deliver useful information in an impressive way.

Remarkable Page Flipping Effect

Convert your docs into online book with page turning effect & crisp flipping sound


Reader-Friendly Interface

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No matter how wordy your document is, it will stay legible & easy-on-eyes.

Cross Browser Compatible

Be it Chrome, IE, Firefox, or Safari, your online mag is bound to look great on all.


Real-Time Content Revelation

No matter how big are your publications, we will make it load in seconds.


Branding and Design

Adding A Pinch of Uniqueness

Each publication you create at e-mag helps you enhance brand awareness. Brand up your publication as per your own unique and personalized style. Leave the impact of sincerity and trustworthiness on your targeted readers with a customized look and feel.

Company Logo

Individualize all your online publications by having your own business logo on it.



Several Stunning Themes

With multiple these, with different colors & styles, choose how your mag will appear.


Customized Domain

Get a personal sub-domain for your flipbook! Turn the defaulted domain into a chosen one.


Advanced Features

Adjust the color of all elements, add gradient, blur and enjoy other advanced personalizing tools.



Page Editor

Leverage Rich Media  

Along with realistic page-flipping effect, spellbind your readers with embedded rich media, such as Audio, Text, Video, YouTube Video, Button, Shape, Image etc. With e-mag, you can easily integrate multimedia objects into your magazine.



92% of b2b customers watch videos online, embedding a video into your mag can help.

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Redirect your customers straight to your website or use cross-links within the content.


Interactive Features

Combine the attraction of e-magazines with the interactivity of desired call-to-action buttons.


Popup Image

Avoid cramming too much in your publication. Use thumbnails to pop up an HD images. 


Fast And Easy Distribution

Share Your Story To Masses

E-mag has made marketing and content distribution way easier than ever before. You can publish your e-publication straight to your website page or social media accounts without even visiting them.

E-Commerce & Monetization

Cash in on your online publication! Turn your product catalogue into a well-armed salesman! Don’t let your clients roam all over your website in search of the item they saw in your catalogue. Link your catalogue products directly to your website.


Direct Link to Your Web Store

Link the items into your catalogue to your webpage displaying the same items.


Google AdSense Integration

Let your publications make you money. Showing third party ads with Google AdSense service.

 Visitor Analytics

Who Did What!

Monitor the KPIs. Stay updated with the activities of your readers. Trace their visits on your e-edition, the number of shares, and other data using the Google Analytics. This will help you generate a new marketing scheme.

Robust Cloud Platform

Cloud-Centric Online Publications

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Get your e-edition published over the Internet, even if you do not want a website and provide your readers with the link to it. This will power up your PDFs into jaw-dropping flipbooks that can be instantly accessed via mobile, desktop or a tablet.


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Emag is an online free magazine creating platform with an experience of helping hundreds of businesses captivate their clients.

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